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How it Works

The Corporate Work Study Program (CWSP) is similar to a temporary employment agency. Teams of four students each work one day, Monday through Thursday, for the entire academic school year. A longer school day and school year ensures that students do not miss instructional time while at work.

 Corporate Work Study staff secure student work permits, manages taxes, and provides insurance, relieving the business from these responsibilities. Students receive an excellent college preparatory education and invaluable experience and training on the job. Work study subsidizes approximately 50% of the cost of education. More questions? Click here.

Summer Training Institute

Student associates receive two weeks of summer training before their first job placement, which equips them with the technical and soft skills necessary to flourish in the workforce. 

In the Summer Training Institute, Cristo Rey students receive training in three critical areas:

  • Personal development
  • Business etiquette
  • Entry-level office skills

Benefits and Key Desired Outcomes