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FAQ’s about the Scholarship Investment Program

Cristo Rey opens doors of opportunity for students, who because of where they live, or their family’s socio-economic situation, would not have access to a quality college-prep education. A college-ready education, combined with corporate work experience, begins to level the playing field giving students the confidence they need to walk through our doors to a brighter future.

What is a Scholarship Sponsor?

Scholarship Sponsors generously commit $5,000 or more to underwrite a portion of the cost of education for a student to attend our school.

What does my Sponsorship cover?

Sponsorship support, along with Corporate Work Study and other fundraising, all go towards the cost of a student’s education.

How is the remainder covered?

Students work five days a month, gaining important work experience and expanding their network of “connections.” Work study earnings are applied to the cost of education. The funding gap also is covered by foundation grants, fundraising and individual donations. Family financial commitments round out the cost of education.

How long do Sponsors commit to give?

Although some sponsors give a one-time gift to the scholarship fund, many of our sponsors choose to follow a student for two, three or four years through graduation, making an annual gift of $5000 or greater. These can be done with a recurring monthly donation.

Is there a best time to give?

We’ll gladly accept gifts at any time, but appreciate your gift (or pledge) in the first semester so we have the needed resources in place for the school year.

Is my gift tax-deductible?

Cristo Rey Kansas City is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, so a qualified yes! Please consult your tax expert to determine deductions for your personal situation.

Will I get to know the student I sponsor?

At scholarship receptions, you’ll have an opportunity to meet the scholars in person. You will also receive several notes through the school year and when your scholar is a senior, you would be invited to join us at the Baccalaureate. Your notes of encouragement sent to the scholar(s) in care of Cristo Rey, are greatly appreciated.

Can I contact my scholar outside of school or engage them in out of school activities?

Our staff is happy to coordinate a visit for you, your student and a staff member, typically at Cristo Rey. You are also welcome to participate in our mentoring program. This is in keeping with our school safety policies.

Please contact Advancement with any questions.