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Leslie Gasser

Dear Friends of Cristo Rey,

As the Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth were asked in 2006 to help launch this mission, in the Fall of 2022, I too, was invited to join this amazing school. How could I say no to the opportunity to help underserved students obtain a life-changing education that will forever impact them, their families and their communities? My heart was called to serve and to give of my time, treasure, and talent, as I’m sure yours will be as well, especially after meeting our students!  

When you see a Cristo Rey student working out in the community, you will be touched by their stories, and inspired by their professional demeanor and commitment to hard work and perseverance.  

Each and every gift to Cristo Rey High School is meaningful. Each and every gift makes a difference for our students, enabling them to obtain the rigorous education, work skills, personal development, and financially sustainable future that Cristo Rey provides to underserved students throughout the Kansas City metropolitan area.

We invite you to get involved! Thank you for your generosity, your kindness and friendship!

Ever Forward,
Leslie Gasser
Director of Institutional Advancement