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Oh Yes, You Can Come Home Again

Four alumni stand  together for a picture

(l-r)  Maureen Gregg, Mitzi Magana, Sharon Ligon, Edna McCrary

It wasn't a homework slip that pulled these two illustrious grads back to campus.

Mitzi Magana (CRKC 2011) and Edna McCrary (CRKC 2013) had just the skill set to judge student projects for the STEM Expo in Human Body Systems.  Mitzi, a practicing Physician Assistant, and Edna, an R.N., had all the right insights to assess the reasoning and science in these projects.

After the esteemed panel of judges completed their rounds, there was time to visit as professionals with Maureen Gregg, R.N., who had been school nurse while Mitzi and Edna were students, and with Sharon Ligon, who gave each an invaluable foundation in chemistry.

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