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CRKC Super Star Alumni

Henry Smith, We Salute You!

Henry Smith, a 2010 graduate, recently returned to campus for his Ten-Year Class Reunion. 

Asked what it was like to come back, he said, “I felt nostalgic. Walking through familiar halls brought back many memories. I enjoyed seeing the many ways the school has ‘been transformed,’ from the painting on the walls to the “missing” assembly room on the third floor.”

Henry is an active duty Marine stationed at Ft. Lee, Virginia. He serves as a Military Occupational Specialty Instructor. When asked what he likes about his work, he replied, “I enjoy teaching, especially when the student has that ‘aha’ moment and finally understand a concept. I also like the challenge of developing different means and methods to ensure the information is being understood. The Marine Corps has taught me different styles of leadership and how to take care of others under my charge. I have learned better time and task management.”

When asked for advice to give a current Cristo Rey student or an alum attending college, he replied, “Invest in yourself. Take advantage of every opportunity. Network. Make a good impression on your teachers, at work and in school, and it will pay dividends in the future. Enjoy yourself and make friends but do not, I repeat, do not squander your studies. You might hear this all the time but take it from someone who had great potential and wasted it.”

Henry hopes to make the military his career, but he is also taking classes so he has something to fall back on if Plan A doesn’t work.

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