Become a Student

Interested in the opportunities at Cristo Rey Kansas City? Let us partner with you to find out if you belong at Cristo Rey. If you live within the boundaries of the Kansas City Public School (KCPS), we have a way to simplify the process.

Apply Today!

  1. One Application - We are partnering with 16 other schools to simplify the process. You can apply to Cristo Rey - and other schools - by completing one form. Use your phone or any other electronic device. To apply, go to SchoolAppKC!

  2. Streamlined - The easy eight-question application takes about five minutes.
Our school has committed to be a part of SchoolAppKC which is a common application platform. We believe that making applying to schools more equitable and accessible for all families is an important part of making sure all families in Kansas City have the greatest access to high quality education for their children.

If you do not live in the KCPS District, please contact the Admissions Office and complete the traditional application. 
    Phone – 816.595-2805
    Email  -  [email protected]