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Welcome prospective students and families,

Thank you for considering Cristo Rey Kansas  City High School for your student’s education.

Cristo Rey KC is an affordable, Catholic, college-  preparatory high school committed to academic excellence for students of all faiths. At Cristo Rey KC, we provide a Catholic, college and career prep education enhanced by an innovative corporate work study program to culturally diverse ambitious students with economic need.

Every Cristo Rey KC student is required to participate in our Corporate Work Study Program in which students work in a professional setting one day a week. Students' earnings from our business partners contribute to a large portion of their tuition.

The ideal Cristo Rey KC student is expected to be enthusiastic about gaining real-world work experience while still in high school. They should be motivated to work in professional environments and understand the value of early exposure to the workplace. Willingness to work hard both in the classroom and at work. This work ethic will serve them well in their future careers. The school expects active involvement and support from the families of its students. Parents and guardians are encouraged to play an active role in their child's education and future planning. This support can be crucial in helping students navigate the path to college. Both students and their families should be committed to the long-term goal of pursuing higher education. The school's mission is to guide every student to and through college, so a shared commitment to this objective is vital. Students should be prepared to meet the academic and personal challenges that come with pursuing a college education. This includes taking the necessary courses, preparing for standardized tests, and actively seeking college opportunities.

Overall, Cristo Rey KC aims to prepare its students not only academically but also professionally and personally. By fostering these qualities and expectations, the school strives to empower its students to achieve success in both high school and beyond.

We appreciate your interest in Cristo Rey KC and hope you consider becoming part of our PUMA family!

Selena Moran 

Director of Admissions