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Seminar Program

Cristo Rey Kansas City offers a comprehensive college planning experience for our students. Seminar classes meet twice weekly and are a graded course calculated into the student grade point average (GPA). 

Junior Seminar - Year Long – Half Credit

Required for juniors, this task-oriented course focuses on deepening student understanding of the college application process and producing the items associated with it, exploring potential college options based upon high school academic profile, and identifying different methods of financing a college education. Juniors must take a practice ACT, create a resume, write a college essay, and take the April ACT in order to pass the class.

Senior Seminar - Year Long – Half Credit

Senior Seminar is a required course, offering a hands-on environment directly correlated to the tasks of the college search and selection process, including applications for admission and scholarships, standardized test preparation, financial aid, and decision making, as well as expectations for college life and beyond.

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