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Three students hold up an %22 I got in%22 shirt celebrating their admission to College.
To and Through College

One of the foundational principles of a Cristo Rey Education is the belief that every student has the ability to achieve their goals, not only by attending college but also by successfully earning a degree that will unlock doors of opportunity in the workplace and beyond. Ultimately, this empowers them to become fulfilled and thriving individuals who contribute positively to society and create generational change for themselves and their families.

At Cristo Rey Kansas City, we wholeheartedly embrace this philosophy. Through our transformative educational model, we provide students with the necessary tools, support, and guidance to excel academically, develop essential skills, and pursue higher education. Our students are empowered to dream big and work diligently towards their aspirations.

A group of students pose right before getting on the bus which will take them to the first day on the job
A School That Works!

Our unique approach, including the Corporate Work Study Program, equips students with real-world experience and the ability to contribute meaningfully in professional settings while still in high school. Discover inspiring stories of our students who have overcome challenges, pursued higher education, and embarked on successful career paths.

We firmly believe that by investing in our students' education, we are not only transforming their lives but also creating a ripple effect of positive change for future generations.

Puma Strong

At Cristo Rey Kansas City, we believe in the power of extracurricular activities to enhance the high school experience and nurture well-rounded individuals. Our robotics club offers hands-on learning, fostering critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork skills. Students dive into the captivating world of technology, engineering, and innovation, paving the way for future success in STEM-related fields.

In addition to robotics, our school offers a wide range of sports programs that allow students to showcase their talents, develop leadership qualities, and build lifelong friendships. From soccer to basketball, volleyball and more! Our athletic teams and clubs provide an opportunity for students to excel in a supportive and competitive environment.

Four students pose for womens history month
Be Yourself at CRKC!

Embrace your true identity and experience a school where you can truly be yourself at Cristo Rey Kansas City! We celebrate diversity and provide a nurturing environment that honors and embraces the unique qualities of each student. Join us and discover a community that celebrates your individuality and supports your personal growth.

But it's not just about academics and leadership – we celebrate our students every single day! Engaging assemblies provide a platform for students to participate, showcase their talents, and create lasting memories. Our school is filled with vibrant student life events and celebrations like Prom, Pumathon, St. Vincent De Paul Week, and many more, where our students come together to celebrate their accomplishments, connect with their peers, and make lifelong memories.

2023 CRKC Graduates strike a pose
Our Graduates


From the moment you step foot in our hallways as a freshman to the triumphant walk across the graduation stage during your senior year, a Cristo Rey education empowers you like no other. Imagine the possibilities! How many high school graduates can proudly say they have acquired four years of invaluable work experience in a professional environment?

You will have the chance to work alongside dedicated professionals, tackle meaningful projects, and contribute to the success of local businesses and organizations.

But that's not all. A Cristo Rey education goes beyond the classroom and workplace. It's about the lifelong relationships you forge with your peers, teachers, and mentors. The friendships and support systems you develop at our school will shape you for the rest of your life. Together, you will navigate challenges, celebrate achievements, and create lasting memories that will stay with you long after graduation.


Welcome to the official website of Cristo Rey Kansas City!

Explore our platform to learn about our mission, programs, and achievements. We are dedicated to providing students with a transformative education through our innovative Corporate Work Study Program and rigorous academics, fostering skills and experiences for success in college and beyond.

Discover our vibrant culture, inspiring student stories, and ways to support our mission as a prospective student, parent, alum, community partner, or interested individual. Stay connected for news and events, and join us in making a lasting impact in our community.

Cristo Rey Pumas!

Students kneeling in front of the Cross

Corporate Work Study Program

Various students at their work place

Our Faith

Faith Ministry group of students posing during a retreat


CRKC graduates smiling


Pepe the mascot


Students Smiling before the first day on the job