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Cristo Rey Kansas City Alumni

Cristo Rey College Mentor
Job Description 

A Cristo Rey college mentor establishes a relationship with each Cristo Rey graduate assigned to him/her for the purpose of helping the graduate succeed in college. 

Must be a graduate of Cristo Rey in 3rd or 4th year of college or a college graduate.

Preference given to a graduate who has attended Penn Valley, UMKC, Rockhurst or Avila.

Interest in making a difference in the life of a student.

Enthusiasm, positive attitude and an ability to build relationships

Time to commit (at least 10-15 hours/month)

Car, license and insurance (paid mileage)

Must have taken Virtus training and had background check. 

Makes contact with the students attending college in the Kansas City area at least twice a month via email, phone, text, Facebook, or in-person visits.  One visit each month should be face to face.

  1. Updates contact information in alumni office.

  2. Offers encouragement and support when necessary.

  3. Helps students become independent problem-solvers within the college environment (e.g. helps students find campus ministry, student services, tutoring, etc.).

  4. Establishes a relationship before the student starts classes in the fall.

  5. Becomes familiar with the college that the student is attending by reviewing the college website.

  6. Familiarizes himself/herself with the student’s major and credit requirements.

  7. Takes a personal interest in the student’s life without intruding.

  8. Follows the colleges’ calendars to keep up with mid-terms, fall/spring breaks.

  9. Reports to Sister Linda Roth at Cristo Rey (supervisor) bi-weekly with updates.

  10. Submits bi-weekly time sheets 

Salary:  $15/hour

Start date:  March or April, 2017

Contact Sister Linda at 816-457-6044, or, with questions or interest in applying.