A View from the President's Office       

John O'ConnorDear Friends,

There's a critical role that only you can play in the life of a Cristo Rey student. With your help, we see lines of high school grads, alumni with degrees, and young adults with careers, not just 'jobs.'

Our students get up before dawn every day. They arrive on time and keep pace with a rigorous schedule - eight straight academic courses. One day per week, they are on the job at their work study assignments. This remarkable opportunity allows them to earn half of the cost of their own education and to begin to see their futures in a different light.

But they need your help. They need a bridge to their future. We are challenging this community to be that bridge. We need academic coaches, mentors, job sponsors and people who will bridge what our students can earn at work study and the true cost of education.  

I am grateful for the tradition established by my predecessors – Sister Vickie Perkins and Dr. Kathleen Hanlon - and their tireless work to keep the Cristo Rey line moving. I am inspired every day by our students. They are determined to make the most of this opportunity to transform their lives.

Ever forward,

John O'Connor
President, Cristo Rey Kansas City


 Board of Trustees